Optimizing A3200 Performance

To get real-time controller performance, A3200 runs on a PC with Windows in the TenAsys® INtime real-time operating system. Thus, controller performance depends on the hardware and software configuration of the PC. Because of the many different PCs and system configurations, it is important for you to optimize your system before you use A3200. You can also optimize the controller software.

PC Performance

IMPORTANT: Aerotech only supports the PC configurations that are on PC Selection, Configuration, and Optimization for Aerotech Controllers.

The controller installation and the INtime real-time operating system try to configure your system for the best possible performance. But, you might need to manually change some system settings so that your controller has the best possible real-time performance. Aerotech recommends that you change the settings that follow.

Controller Performance

The A3200 installations try to configure your system for the best possible performance. But, you might need to change some controller settings so that the controller performance on your PC is satisfactory. To change controller settings, use these recommendations for your AeroBasic program.

  • Change the value of the EnabledTasks parameter to disable unused tasks. For A3200, change the parameter in the Configuration Manager.
  • Decrease the number of task programs that run at the same time.
  • Decrease how much you use the critical sections as these cause the controller to execute program lines at a fast rate and can decrease real-time performance.
  • A3200 creates critical sections with the CRITICAL START and CRITICAL END commands.

  • If the MotionUpdateRate parameter is set to a value greater than 1.0 and you have motion problems or bad controller performance, change the MotionUpdateRate to 1.0 to decrease the workload of the controller.