Dell PC Options, Specifications and BIOS Settings for Legacy A3200 Installation

If you are using one of the Dell PCs that Aerotech approves for legacy A3200 installation, use the BIOS settings on this page.

Table: Form Manufacturer

Chassis Manufacturer Product Number
Desktop Precision 5810, BIOS Version A12
Precision 5810, BIOS Version A16

The table that follows shows the Dell PC configurations tested by Aerotech.

Table: Dell PC Configurations

BIOS Version 12 BIOS Version 16
Dell motherboard Dell motherboard
E5-1620 CPU E5-1603 V3 CPU
500 GB SATA hard drive 500 GB SATA hard drive
Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit
Nvidia NVS 310 graphics in "Standard VGA" mode Nvidia NVS 310 graphics in "Standard VGA" mode
350 Watt power supply 350 Watt power supply

BIOS Settings

Change the BIOS settings of your Dell PC to be the same as the values in the in one of the table that follows.

Table: BIOS Version 12 Settings

Setting Required Value
Trusted Computing TPM Disabled

Table: BIOS Version 16 Settings

Setting Required Value
Audio Disabled
TPM Security Disabled
Speed Step Disabled
C-States Disabled
Deep Sleep Disabled
Block Sleep S3
ASPM Disabled

Windows Settings

To see the Windows settings that you must change, refer to Optimizing A3200 Performance.