TrajectoryFirFilter Parameter

Default Value: 0

Minimum Value: 0

Maximum Value: 5001

Units: None

Type: int

WARNING: This parameter can introduce errors in the programmed path of coordinated moves because it can change the position of an axis relative to another axis.

IMPORTANT: This parameter causes the controller to delay the motion trajectory of an axis, but does not delay I/O Functions and Pso Functions on that axis. To compensate for the motion trajectory delay, use the DriveOutputCommandDelay Parameter to delay I/O functions and PSO functions.

Use the TrajectoryFirFilter parameter to enable and configure a first-order Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter that is applied to the motion trajectory. The value of this parameter sets the number of taps that the moving average filter uses. A value of zero deactivates the filtering, while larger values produce more filtering.

This filter is a boxcar type filter where each filter tap is weighted equally. The controller applies the filter at a rate that corresponds to the drive type of the specified axis. For more information, refer to the table that follows.

Table: FIR Filter Application Rates

Drive Type FIR Filter Application Rate

Servo Axis

20 kHz

Galvo Axis

100 kHz

To find the correct value to set for this parameter, use the applicable equation.

Servo Axis

Galvo Axis