MaxSpeedClamp Parameter

Default Value: 0.0

Minimum Value: 0.0

Maximum Value: None

Units: velocity

Type: double

Use the MaxSpeedClamp parameter to specify the maximum speed to which all motion on the axis is limited. By default, this parameter is set to zero. Thus, there is no maximum speed limit for the axis.

If you specify a nonzero value for the MaxSpeedClamp parameter, the controller limits (clamps) the speed of the axis to this value. The controller also lowers the speed of coordinated moves (MoveLinear(), MoveCw(), or MoveCcw()) that have multiple axes. As a result, the speed of each axis that is part of the move is at or below the corresponding MaxSpeedClamp setting.

IMPORTANT: Set the VelocityCommandThreshold Parameter so that the controller generates a fault when the speed of the axis is more than a specified threshold. The MaxSpeedClamp parameter does not generate faults.

If you change the MaxSpeedClamp parameter while a move occurs, the change does not have an effect until the move completes.

The MaxSpeedClamp does not limit the speed of:

  • A follower axis that is part of leader and follower motion.
  • Motion that is generated by the MovePvt() function.

If the MaxSpeedClamp parameter limits Home(), MoveRapid(), or coordinated motion functions, the controller automatically sets the Limit FeedRate Active bit of Task Status 2.