DefaultDependentCoordinatedRampRate Parameter

Default Value: 3600.0

Minimum Value: 0

Maximum Value: None

Units: dependent acceleration

Type: double

IMPORTANT: This parameter applies to dependent axes only. For more information about axis types, refer to AxisType Parameter.

The DefaultDependentCoordinatedRampRate parameter specifies the default coordinated acceleration and deceleration rate for dependent axes. When you use rate-based ramping, the value of this parameter applies to coordinated motion such as MoveLinear(), MoveCw(), and MoveCcw() functions.

For more information about rate-based ramping, refer to Motion Setup Functions.

Do not try to set the active dependent coordinated ramp rate with this parameter. To set the dependent coordinated ramp rate from within an AeroScript program, use the SetupDependentCoordinatedRampRate() function.

IMPORTANT: You must reset the controller for these changes to have an effect.