Tasks Category

Topics in the Tasks category have a task drop-down box in the topic toolbar at the top where you can select the task you want to configure. You can click Manage Tasks to add or remove tasks and configure the task name.

Each topic in the Tasks category lets you directly edit task parameters.

The maximum number of tasks that you can use to run AeroScript programs depends on the type of controller you use. PC-based controllers have up to 32 tasks. Drive-based controllers have up to 10 tasks.

Optional Purchase Necessary: The standard user tasks available to you are indexed as 1 – 4. If you purchase the Controller Plus license, the user tasks increase to 1 – 31. For drive-based controllers, the user tasks increase to 1 – 9. Contact your Aerotech sales representative to speak about your licensing needs.

When you add more than one task, you can use the Task Selection drop-down box on the workspace toolbar to select which task the application will use. When you change the selected task, the application will use that task to:

  • Execute AeroScript commands from the command bar on the workspace toolbar.
  • Determine which units mode is used by the Axis Dashboard to show signals and command jog motion.
  • Execute AeroScript commands from modules like EasyTune as necessary.