Working with Files

Automation1 has many different ways of working with files that are necessary for your process. These files can be on the controller or on your MDK PC, and there are times when some files must be in one of those places.

Controller File System

The controller file system is on your Automation1 controller. The files stored on your controller can be accessed from any connected MDK machine, and the files are available to AeroScript programs that are running on that controller. Files on the controller file system can also be included in a Machine Controller Definition (MCD). Many modules in Automation1 Studio use the controller file system as their primary storage location. To learn more about the controller file system, go to the Controller File System page.

MDK File System

The MDK file system is on the machine where your MDK software is installed. Some modules in Automation1 Studio can work directly with files on the MDK file system while some modules must have the file uploaded to the controller file system first. This is done in the Controller Files module in the Configure workspace. For example, the Program Automation module can work only with AeroScript files on the controller file system, but the Programming module can open files directly from both the controller file system and the MDK file system.

Working with Files in AeroScript

AeroScript programs can work with files through many different AeroScript functions that create files, read files, write data to files, etc. AeroScript functions that take file paths as arguments usually use one of two different argument names: $controllerFilePath for a file that is on the controller file system and $mdkFilePath for a file that is on the MDK machine. Similar to Open File dialogs in Studio, $mdkFilePath arguments can include mapped network drive locations (e.g. K:\MyNetworkDrive\myPlot.plt) but cannot include network locations (e.g. \\MyNetworkLocation\myPlot.plt). An MDK file path can never be used for a $controllerFilePath argument and a controller file path can never be used for an $mdkFilePath argument. Refer to Data Collection Functions and Application Frequency Response Functions for more information on how to use the $mdkFilePath argument.

For more information on working with files in AeroScript, refer to the File and Directory Functions and Files pages.