Automation1 MachineApps

A MachineApp is a customized user interface that you can use to operate a machine controlled by an Automation1 controller. You can create one or more MachineApps in the MachineApps workspace in Automation1 Studio and save them on an Automation1 controller. Use the Automation1 MachineApps application to connect to an Automation1 controller and show the active MachineApps that you can launch from the MachineApps Launchpad.

Optional Purchase Necessary: To use the MachineApps workspace in Automation1 Studio, you must purchase the MachineApps license as part of the Automation1-MDK. To launch MachineApps from an Automation1 PC-based or drive-based controller, you must purchase the MachineApps license as part of the Automation1-iSMC. Contact your Aerotech sales representative to speak about your licensing needs.

Users create custom MachineApps with modules (similar to the workspace modules in Automation1 Studio). A MachineApp has primary modules, such as the Programming or the Data Visualizer module. It also has secondary modules, such as the Axis Dashboard or the Customizable Buttons module. When you create a MachineApp, you select a layout that specifies the count, size, and orientation of the primary modules, and you also specify which secondary module regions that you want to add.

You can customize the style of your MachineApp by using your own icons and by changing the colors of buttons and other UI elements. MachineApps do not contain Aerotech-specific branding. You can also customize what controller functions users can have access to.

MachineApps are stored on an Automation1 controller, but you can design a MachineApp in the MachineApps workspace without a controller when you use an MCD. You can later upload your MCD file with your custom-designed MachineApp when you connect to the controller. You can also include your MachineApps when you download MCD files from the controller.