TransformationEnableMode Parameter

Default Value: 0

Minimum Value: 0

Maximum Value: 1

Units: None

Type: int

The TransformationEnableMode parameter controls the enabling behavior of transformations and determines the behavior of position signals of axes used in transformations. This parameter applies to all transformations.

When a transformation is enabled, it will begin computing new axis positions, which will ordinarily not be equal to the original axis positions. If the controller were to directly command these new positions, it might cause position step changes. Instead, the controller automatically prevents position step changes using two methods, which are controlled using this parameter. The two methods are defined as follows:

  • 0: Compute Automatic Offset (default)
  • The controller will apply an offset to each transformation output axis equal to the difference between the original position and new transformed position.

  • 1: Update Program Position
  • The controller will update the program position signals of each transformation input axis to be the forward transformed value of the current position. This mode also prevents motion on any input axes that are not also output axes. When using the C Transformation feature, this mode requires that the forward transformation for each C transformation is correctly defined in the OnForward() C function.

This parameter can be modified only if all transformations are disabled. In both modes, if an axis is no longer part of a transformation (which can occur after a transformation is disabled), then all its position signals will be updated to the most recent position of that axis.